A healthy Veggie “Chicken Soup” recipe

Ok, so I started off with some comfort food to get you interested.  Now it’s time for the healthier fare.  Good part is, this is healthy, low calorie and actually very satisfying.  More than that it’s very quick and easy.  Easy enough to make at home in 20 minutes or at the office for lunch in 5 if you do your chopping ahead of time.  This uses the time tested combination of Mirepoix.  Sounds fancy right? It’s just carrots, celery and onions but it makes this soup, and any other recipe terrific (like pot pie).  Check it out and let us know what you think.  Veggie “Chicken” Soup.

Veggie Paella – Vegan with a Spanish Flair

This is an easy vegan recipe that is a crowd pleaser at our house – my kids have asked for it again the same week we made it!  It adds an interesting spice and color to your dinner with Saffron.  You can dress it up with seasonal produce and even use up some pantry items if you need.  This shows being vegetarian and vegan doesn’t have to be boring.  Give the recipe a try at this link.   Let us know what you think!

Vegetarian Comfort Food – “Chicken” Pot Pie

Ok, so let’s get started.  If you’re a true food lover like me, you’ll never find success if you start with wheat grass and tofu.  (I know it’s good for you, but come on!).  So here’s a great recipe you can make on your own or with your kids.   I promise to follow up with some lower calorie recipes but this one shows that being vegetarian can also be satisfying.   Check out this recipe.  You can even skip the veggie chicken and go vegan if you like!  Enjoy.