My story

My path to becoming vegetarian begins about 30 years ago.  I used to like to go on business trips and treat myself to a nice dinner on the company – order the 14oz Steak.  Problem was, I noticed that while I may have enjoyed it at the time, I always felt too full and tired afterword. Actually, I felt awful.    I thought I can do without this – so I gave up red meat.  I just ate poultry and pasta and learned to like fish.    Then fast forward another 15 years and I went to a family event.   I had chicken for lunch and got food poisoning. I never felt so sick.  After that, I again said – I can do without this and I gave up eating all meat – no poultry, no fish, no meat whatsoever.  Problem was I always loved food.  So I began looking for substitutes for my favorite dishes.

What’s your reason for becoming vegetarian?

If you’re like me, you may want to do it because you want to feel better and want to be fit.

If you’re like my wife, you’ll realize it’s more humane to eat a plant based diet than to slaughter animals in order to eat. My father-in-law, a Doctor, often told us of the adverse health consequences of an animal based diet – obesity, heart disease, Alzheimer’s, etc.   All of these run in our family.

If you’re like others, you’ll want to help save the planet and realize the amount of energy used in and pollution created by consuming animal based products is something the world could do without.

The great news is by heading in this direction you benefit all of the above.

Why did I create this blog? 

I started this blog so I could share what I know about being vegetarian with others.  There’s a bit to learn, but mostly it can take some time to learn about what you like.  I’ve learned a lot about what I don’t like.  If I can help guide you to what works for you, then I’ve accomplished what I’ve set out to do.   Mostly, I didn’t give up my love of food when I became vegetarian.  Life’s too short not to enjoy eating. It’s possible to love food and be vegetarian. If you want to find out how – let’s get started!   

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